Clinical psychologist, Michael Grand, PhD, challenges the way we think about adoption. This comprehensive and insightful book, The Adoption Constellation: New Ways of Thinking About and Practicing Adoption, will change your understanding of key issues in the field. The author confronts the many facets of adoption, from psychological to legal, ethical to transformational. By viewing adoption as embedded within a wide constellation of relationships, a more complete understanding of its consequences emerges. In this book, you will gain insight into such areas as:
  • the evolving definition of family
  • the limitations of attachment as an explanation of adoption outcomes
  • how an adoptive narrative shapes identity
  • why mattering and trust are the keys to close adoptive relationships
  • effective strategies for changing adoption legislation
Finding strength in personal narratives, fostering openness and respect, and looking beyond the traditional paradigms: Dr. Grand has opened a door that will change how we approach and perceive all of its manifestations.